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THIS MOMENT, WHEN YOU REALLY GIVE A FUCK HOW YOU LOOK LIKE WHILE DANCING, IS CALLED FREEDOM. IT´S AN EPIC ROADTRIP ALONG STUNNING PLACES TOGETHER WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS. THIS IS IMPALA RAY. // LIVE SHOWS 09/12/21 D - AUGSBURG // Kantine 10/12/21 D - STUTTGART // ClubCann 11/12/21 D - WÜRZBURG // Cairo 16/12/21 D - NÜRNBERG // Stereo 17/12/21 D - REGENSBURG // Mälze 18/12/21 D - PASSAU // Zauberberg // WHO IS IMPALA RAY To set freedom to a tune sounds great, but not everyone can do it. Because studio skills alone are not enough. You have to have experienced them, done your thing. Ray is one of those. One who is on the road in the world. One who has been making music for a long time and has taken it to stages all over Europe. His songs are inspired by the vibes of the California Bay Area as well as by the time he lived in Africa. IMPALA RAY IS THE SOUND YOU TO LISTEN TO WHEN YOU WANNA LET GO. // QUIT HIS JOB AND HIT THE ROAD Shortly after the Munich singer and guitarist Ray finally decides that an office life is not the right thing for him, he starts anew and founds IMPALA RAY. His friends Nicola (Tuba), Dominik (Drums) and Carmen (Dulcimer) hook up with Ray. They play in parks, next to the Isar in Munich and during shitty weather in laundrettes - with fresh new sounds. IT´S THE MUSIC THAT MATTERS WHICH TAKE YOU ON A JOURNEY ONE OF A KIND.