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Posted By Skan

Hooded, hidden in the shadows, SKAN has been forging this otherworldly style from an alloy of reggae rhythms, trap beats, and an eclectic array of influences.

His cuttingly vivacious music is now ready to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world.

SKAN hails from Strasbourg, and a background steeped in diverse musical traditions. The son of a jazz and blues pianist, SKAN’s education started young. Precocious in his ability and inspired by the John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins records his father would show him, SKAN learned the saxophone at age 6. Shortly thereafter, SKAN would pick up bass guitar and classical guitar, laying down a foundation of skills and knowledge upon which he could build his own unique sound.

The launch pad for SKAN’s rise was the recognition he gained through a remix contest for Tomsize & Simeon’s “Jump,” in which he earned second. How he has risen through the ranks with an array of releases on Tribal Trap, Trap City, and Spinnin’. His smash hit releases have amassed over 20 million plays, with no sign of slowing. His recent release “Mia Khalifa” went viral, garnering over 10 million plays alone, as well as a nod on social media from the song’s namesake.

That’s just the beginning for SKAN. Dance music giant Spinnin’ Records will be releasing his 4-track EP as SKAN performs across the globe. Symbolic of his life and ascending career, he will begin his tour in his hometown of Strasbourg, and from there SKAN will be known the world over.

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