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Spacewalk is an international bandproject where people and cultures come together in the universe of music. From a funk-a-liscious rock to ethnic desert storm-sound...Spacewalk travels, discovers and connects the melting points of music from all over the world. Spacewalk moves to different countries and continents to implement the concept of transculturation, where sounds and ideas of different cultures influence the music. Transculturation is the musical expression of Spacewalk's anthropological research! Spacewalk works with different artists from Cuba, Mali, Ghana and Europe... coming together to use the universal language of music to explain the process of transculturation. Transculturation and cross-cultural developments is closely connected to the globalisation and is happening now all over the world. It will evolve in the future with enhancing velocity. People, cultures and traditions will come together and blend. With the best of intensions this can be a force, a positive development with the strongest, bonding ideas surviving. Are we gonna be able to share and love in a time where politics leads us down the road of destruction. Can we foresee the economical hardships and hope for better in a near future? Spacewalk is on a mission to create and to unite people throughout the world with love and music.