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Juxtaposing inspiration from the warmth of 70s soft rock, the synthetic bounce of 80s synth pop, and the modern age of sampled electronica, Cameron Everett's baritone pop vocals are the only inevitability in a wash of unpredictable soundscapes. 
 Everett began writing music at the age of four on a Casio keyboard, and later discovered his love for music production in high school via a cracked version of FL Studio. After a chance encounter with the elusive Frank Ocean in a dark Austin alleyway in 2013, Everett began to hone his vocal craft and eclectic songwriting chops. Experimenting with multiple collaborators, he joined dream pop outfit Black Books for a two-year stint in 2015, assisting in the production of their sophomore LP, Can't Even, and a string of live performances culminating in an official SXSW showcase. He left the group in 2017 to begin his solo career. Most recently, Everett released a slew of viral remixes to his Soundcloud page, as well as an experimental cloud rap EP through prolific vaporwave label Beer On The Rug in 2018. 
 With his first full-length solo effort, Everett aims to reimagine the classic breakup album, implementing themes of self-discovery and faith to tell an inspiring and personal story. Co-produced with Austin engineer Kevin Butler (Quiet Company, Blue October), "I'm Going To Heaven" is an audibly satisfying celebration of the old, the new, and the yet-to-be—featuring a concise collection of seven alt-pop works with a postmodern attitude.