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Born into a humble working class family in Kumasi (Ghana), Anwar Sadat knew, from a very young age, that music was and would always be an essential part of his life. He started what was to be his burning passion: rapping - in the streets of Kumasi where he grew up. Due to family and economic reasons Zovdie (his artist name) and his family decided to move to Spain to start a new life. Having to adapt to his new surrounding wasn’t all that easy. Under the misguided influence of his “mates” in the difficult neighborhood of La Campana in Marbella, Zovdie started a complicated adolescence filled with conflicts and fights getting to the point of seeing himself involved in criminal activities. Yet, throughout those tough times music was never far from his mind, finding comfort in writing and rap music he became inspired by 2Pac, who still today has a big influence on Zovdie’s musical style. Zovdie’s life changed the day he met his manager and producer. Through help and protective supervision, his manger gave his life a radical turn around leaving those dark days far behind. All this experience, the continuous effort and faith needed to overcome obstacles have had a huge impact on his music and reverberate in his lyrics.