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Jacksonville-based Luna Cruise is forming a contemporary sound reminiscent of classic rock icons with a new age twist. Featuring poetic compositions and varied instrumentation, they showcase 70's psychedelic nostalgia through their driving grooves. ----- Kris Heironimus (Vocals), Jerry Mansell (Bass), Zach Vannoy (Drums/Guitar), Sean Harris (Guitar), and Marcus Herndon (Drums/Keys) aren’t the children of the hippy generation. But have the ghosts of that generation beaming out of their chests. It’s not just a sound that feels like the past. It’s more than that. The attitude and arrangement idiosyncrasies are of masterful ‘fu*k yous’ and ‘do it our way’ vision that just works so well. At times feeling serious, at times feeling tongue-in-cheek, the music culminates into an emotional spit-fest that encroaches into the realms of Danzig and The Doors. Odd? Yes. ----- Luna Cruise has taken to the woodshed in preparation for their newest EP Sand Reckoner set to release the Summer of 2020. With the land riddled in pestilence for the time being, shows are on hold while alternate dimensions are discovered in the name of music.