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Beginning as a guitar player, in 2010 Francesco Albertazzi falls in love with the ukulele and begins an in-depth study of it with some of the most important musicians worldwide, approaching all different styles and genres from the 1920s to today. In 2012 he makes his live debut at the international ukulele festivals held in Vicenza and Matera, as well as FIUL in France. In 2013, “Ukulele…The Real History” is born, a live, unique documentary about the history of the ukulele with international guests such as Paul Moore and Shelley Rickey. In 2014 he began collaboration with the Kanile’a brand

to promote the ukulele and its history. Also in 2014 he begins a live solo project to present styles and techniques tied to the ukulele. An instrumental journey to learn about genres and styles from early Hawaiian music to the most recent, and expert musicians. Presently he is an instructor of “UKULELE IN THE CLASSROOM”, a worldwide project of ukulele instruction, available for courses, clinics, and workshops in Italy and abroad. In 2015 he made his debut album "Ready for a long trip". Francesco Albertazzi endorses: Anuenue Ukulele, Aquila Strings, Fusion Bag, Mercatino dell’Ukulele. Francesco