Sergio Dalma

Spanish pop singer from Spain Josep Sergi Capdevila Querol, known as Sergio Dalma, was captivated by Afro-American music at a young age, listing James Brown as one of his favorites.

Dalma started getting experience while singing along with his Catholic school's chorus and later participating in a band with classmates from the Pau Vila Institute. Sergio Dalma debuted in 1989 with Esa Chica Es Mia, followed by Sintiendonos La Piel, in 1991. That same year, the artist came in fourth place at Eurovisión Festival, representing Spain with his song "Bailar Pegados." A year later, Adivina was released. In 1993, Dalma was invited to Viña del Mar's Festival, participating in the panel of judges and having the opportunity to perform in front of his biggest audience until that time. In January of 1994, Sergio Dalma got married to model Maribel Sana, having their first son in August of 1995. Following that important family event, De Colección was released after signing up to PolyGram. In September 24 of 1996, a live album called En Concierto was recorded at Madrid's La Rivera. Later, Dalma participated in a Nino Bravo's tribute album with a song called "Cartas Amarillas." In 1988, Historias Normales was released, followed by 2000's Nueva Vida. Dalma's next album, De Otro Color was released early in 2003. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi