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ARTIST. SINGER. ACTIVIST. MUSIC GLOBAL AWARD WINNER. >>>•<<< Trained by the best teachers in the world. Both: in the field of singing: Seth Riggs, SLS- (teacher of i.e.: Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder); In the field of meditation: Ma Ananda Sarita-Tantra Essence, James Stevenson- Awaken as Love, University of Ada Cadell, School of Lost Borders, Awaking Coaching by Arjuna Ardagh). She gives concerts, workshops and lectures with people all over the world, looking into their subconscious. Thanks to her voice and meditative techniques, she teaches people to relax, and helps them discover their unconditional self-acceptance and self- love. >>>•<<< "What I FEEL is not what who I AM. It’s not THE general truth. Neither about myself nor about the world. Emotions come and go- like clouds- and yet the sun never disappears. It is just that to be remembered. So let's practise memory. And let’s practice what you want to be. Powerful? Let's practise being powerful. Love? Let's practice being love. And then, no storm can stop you."