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The undisputed creators of the musical genre, "Rockgrass," Hayseed Dixie began on September 22, 2000 when Barley Scotch (aka John Wheeler) stumbled across a wrecked car on an isolated mountain road near Deer Lick Holler, East Tennessee. Examining the wreckage, he found a stack of old-school vinyl records by a group he had never before heard of called AC/DC. Taking these records back to town and playing them on the only record player he had, a 78rpm Victrola, it was forthright revealed to Barley and the boys that the Lost Highway of Hank Williams and the Highway To Hell of AC/DC were indeed the very same road. Thus Hayseed Dixie was formed and set out to record some of these new songs in their own mountain music style, the way the Good Lord intended. The first Hayseed Dixie album, “A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC,” contains stark-raving hillbilly re-workings of 10 classic AC/DC songs. Released worldwide on April 17, 2001, much to the surprise of everyone involved, this debut album proceeded to sell more than 150,000 copies in its first year of release in the US alone. So the boys hit the road in the Summer of 2001 to play some live shows, chase some women, and drink some beer & whiskey. And they haven’t stopped since. Hayseed Dixie have released a further 17 studio albums of hillbilly re-workings of rock and pop songs along with many satirical original songs - playing acoustic bluegrass instruments with a very electric rock & roll attitude and delivery. Accept no imitations.