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As a singing drummer, industry folks have always said, “Get the girl out front!”

Well, now she’s out front and loving it. While still playing drums and singing in the ever popular Bob Marley tribute band, Duppy Conquerors, Sarah slides easily into the role of front person, singing her original music and playing guitar in her own band. Sarah’s songs are at once beautifully melodic with catchy hooks, rich harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. They are songs of love, loss, vulnerability, motherhood, hope and determination over the rhythmic backbones of rock, americana, ska, reggae, and ballads that bring the house down. Sarah is no stranger to the music scene: “I feel very lucky to have been in three really great and long lasting bands over the years, playing music that has deeply moved those listening, including myself. People have gone out of their way to tell me how much the music has meant to them and how it has been an important backdrop in their lives. There is no higher praise than that, and to me, that is truly the essence of what music is and should be – moving.” “Taking hold of our hearts with her emotionally rangy voice, she paints her tales of joy, sorrow, sinking, lamenting, hoping and overcoming as if life is an endless, non-linear river of challenges, defeats, attempts, survival and all the things that make it worth living.” JONATHAN WIDRAN, The JW Vibe