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"For the independent music industry,” Daniel Haaksman told Afropop Worldwide, “it’s the worst time ever. But for new music, it’s the best time ever. With the internet, everything is circulating.” As a DJ and producer, and as head honcho of Man Recordings, Berlin-based Daniel is right in the eye of this exciting storm. He recognises no boundaries or borders, rejoicing in the free-flow of creativity as he absorbs all the rhythms and shades of this planet of sound in his productions. He’s got an especially keen ear when it comes to Africa or Brazil, and is an artist who never neglects the power of a strong melody when it comes to satiating a hungry dancefloor, be it a wiry guitar riff or some tinkling balafon. Full-flavoured and 100% proof, a Daniel Haaksman DJ set takes no prisoners, nor leaves a single person unmoved. (Womad Magazine, 2018)