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With a string of positive reviews where his self-produced, alternative rock music is described as a “fully immersive and artfully chaotic musical experience, sure to leave a long-lasting impression” with its “weird evil guitars”, Paul would say he probably sounds like “the 90s except today.” Although it’s not intentional, it just comes from what he likes. He started as a photographer working with artists and musicians in his hometown, Glasgow, where he was involved with a diverse range of scenes, producing music videos for many of the top acts in Scotland. Encouraged by the DIY ethic of prolific artists Bmfbmf, Loki and Gasp, he began recording his first demos when he was in his last year studying at the Glasgow School of Art whilst living with Tijuana Bibles and Honeyblood. Martin Johnston of Pronto Mama offered to play drums on these demos which was the beginning of their many collaborations. He has since moved away from the city with his partner Susan to a far more remote part of Scotland beside the sea, mountains and forests where he can focus on finishing all the work he started. A fresh new landscape with new inspirations have lent themselves well to his multi-disciplinary creative output where he has begun to finish and release music that had been lost in the void for years.