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Singer-songwriter Joey McGee makes music infused with the energy of his native New Orleans, informed by his experiences working and living in Pittsburgh and inspired by the Brazos Valley vistas of his current home in Bryan, Texas. Influences from time spent in San Antonio also contribute to his appealing sound: an original mix of soul, country, blues, and rock that fits comfortably under the Americana umbrella. McGee’s own words best describe his new album, El Camino Real (Feb. 22, 2019):  
 “It taps into the rootedness of who I am — a Southern, Creole-Cajun musician working through my hang-ups and trying to make the world a better place along the way. These songs are a good reflection of where I am in life. They feel like rich, warm, black earth in your hands.” 
 Earthy, rich and warm. Just like the cultures from which McGee draws, that's El Camino Real.