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Songbook of Lightness After three albums with a tendency towards melodical ballads Anna Katt has taken a new and fresh, (for them) unusual direction in their fourth album. The trio has committed to a serious flirt with jazz.

The lockdown and a general withdrawal during the pandemic is to ’blame'. Singer-songwriters are like catalysts which filter whatever happens in their surroundings. When the whole world went into isolation due to Corona and social life, together with all events, came to a halt the Swedish-Austrian formation felt the need for cheerfulness and an easy-going mood. They wanted to create a musical antithesis to what was happening around them. Like a jazzy song book of lightness. In reminiscence of the hits from the “Nifty Fifties” with all their excessive metaphers and elegant style of playing Kristina Lindberg (vocals), Stefan Lindberg (guitar) and Manu Mitterhuber (guitar) retreated to their quiet little rooms to develop the new tracks. The jazz template can be placed on each of the six songs, nevertheless they are originals with the typical Anna Katt sound: puristically recorded with two guitars and a subbass. And because of Kristina Lindberg’s characteristic voice, which creeps gently into the ears to jazzy rhythms. Clemens Pichler, (aka Fump Facile) based in Berlin, mixed the whole with contemporary electronic sounds. Anna Katt will present the new programme live in spring 2022. For summer 2022 a tour of Sweden is planned as a premiere.