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The origins of the band Suvereeni mies date back to early 2010s when Teemu and Osmo were playing songs together in their student apartments, and brewing beer (called “Suvereeni mies”) with their friend. The philosophy of Suvereeni mies was both in the musical enthusiasm as well as in the ideas and inspiration that came up in the brewing discussions. Thus, it was eventually obvious that the band was to be called no less than "Suvereeni mies", being officially formed in 2015 when the first version of a summer song "Saimaa on uusi California" was released for small audience. Suvereeni mies is Osmo and Teemu, with Jiri (Astral Sleep) playing drums (band member in 2017-2020), and J-P (e.g. Corpsessed, Lie in Ruins) in the drums and Oskari in the brass section in part of the songs. The first single "Paha" was released in Spotify and other streaming services accompanied by a music video in YouTube in October 2020. This song was first written to gently mock the drummer who disappeared on a European tour with another band. The story was gradually merged with larger phenomena that were evolving around Europe and the world. Suvereeni mies debut album "Syvänne, huiput" was released in March 2021.