Great Big Rainbow World: The Musical


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Great Big Rainbow World: The Musical is a heartwarming, coming of age tale that’ll have you laughing, crying and singing along in no time! 
 From the opener “Lesbian” to the title song “Great Big Rainbow World” through upbeat tracks like “Ladies’ Night” and love songs such as “Home,” you’ll be humming and la-la-la-loving it all the way to the finale! 
 Synopsis: A young woman enters college, naive, alone and eager to find her true self. By chance, she discovers rugby, a world she suddenly feels a part of, and a love she’s never known until now. Experience the power of chosen families, and the sense of belonging the Great Big Rainbow World has to offer us all if we’re brave enough to lead with love. 
 Great Big Rainbow World is the creation of Twin Cities-based first-time playwright, composer and lyricist Sarah Julius. The musical was first workshopped April 2019 at Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis and was set for a June 2020 full production run at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul, MN. Due to COVID-19, the world premiere has been postponed to June 2022. 
 To learn more about the musical, visit You can also follow the team’s production journey on Instagram @gbrwmusical and