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“Luca Mundaca is a gifted singer and songwriter. Luca's music is a glorious blend of her native Brazil with a touch of downtown New York. She mines the deep melodic roots of her country's heritage, creating musical gems that she polishes with the lightest of touches. A talent to watch." 
 Tom Evered, Senior Vice-President Capitol Jazz 
 Luca won the 2008 Independent Music Award in the World Fusion category. In addition to her own album, Luca’s work has been featured in the American movie “End of Watch” (2013), “The Visitor” (2008), ABC TV Show “Mistresses”(2013) TV Show “Californication” (2008), the independent movie “Kissing Paris” (2008), and the Brazilian TV show “TiTiTi” a telenovela (2010). 
 “Luca Mundaca is a singer and songwriter whose work I have been aware of since she arrived in NYC. Her abilities are unlimited; she has a stunning voice of great intimacy and emotion, and her songwriting is first rate. It is rare to find in an artist both the capacity to write brilliant melodies and profound lyrics, and to then perform them at such a high level of musicianship. She simply has it all." 
 “Luca Mundaca is a classic example of a talent deserving wider recognition. Blessed with a sweetly engaging sound, impressive musicality and the rhythmic passion of heart Brazilian roots, she is a talent whose song and singing should be far more widely heard” 
 Don Heckeman, LA times Critic