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I just completed a project called PHENOMENA where I released one song at a time in order to focus on the quality of each song. 
 Here are some nice things people have said about my music:
 “The harmonies on [Not Gone] are absolutely stunning. FULL STOP. ...This is one of the most intriguing folk tunes I’ve heard in all of 2020. I hope the complexity of this piece of music is not lost on listeners; it’s really something special.” — Ear To The Ground Music 
 “The chorus harmonies are the real standout of [Not Gone]. They sound huge and warm, a high production contrast to the crackling rawness of Caleb’s lead vocal.” — Musician On A Mission
 “Authentic. Open. Honest... Everybody Breaks tears his last barriers to vulnerability down and forges them into the most personal album of his career thus far.” — Pop Of Colour
 You can follow along at 
 - Caleb