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in the beginning there wasn't always house. since i startet playing drums when i was about 4 or 5, there was no

specific genre for me, thankfully i grew up around people with a remarkable taste in music. beside jimmy and the stones, there was a lot of jazz, funk and disco. my musical experience grew when my friends and i started our first bands. metal and punk were dominating not only our playlists but also our appearances. practicing, concerts, festivals and the first recording-sessions sucked me in and should never spit me out again. developing the quality of my recordings the next milestone came across during studying. well, it didn't really came across gently, actually hit me full speed - unintended. house or any kind of electronic music wasn't really the type of music i liked listening to. one day my roommate asked me, if i could create some kind of a housy party-jingle for an event he was djing. “sure, that should be super-easy” -