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Full Moon Flex LP out 19 November: Pre-save or pre-order Vinyl here: https://tashabaxter.com/polyoto From an around-the-moon hiatus imposed by life itself, the indomitable Tasha Baxter pops back and up with a fresh deck of cards. 
 Shifting electronics, from dandelion ballads to a cross-section of oscillating bass styles, set the bed for luminous voices and tales of fantasy-turned-reality. Discarded transistors are found rusting in the soil; Pegasus clones gather for flight into eternity. Tasha just happens to be of Greek Egyptian heritage - basically, things are epic. 
 Child of the Malmesbury Group and a staple of earth’s sonic scene, the Tasha Baxter project has enjoyed pioneering incarnations and died spectacular deaths and it is this sense of nature’s cycle that endears these new works with patience, embrace and immunity to hype, for what seems like a softer approach to wilder times. 
 ✨Connection is the cure ✨Music is the bridge