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Occult-themed synth-doom collective Circle of Sighs began in 2018, as rough demo recordings were shaped and hewn by these clandestine shamans and cosmonauts on a sub-rosa mission to merge the celestial and the terrestrial. The result of their effort was an album of existential heaviness that pitted synthesis against nature: Digital beats, downtuned riffs, harsh keyboards, and warm tube amps. Their genre-bending and -blending dredges the uncanny valley to cull a sound both strange and familiar. The group made its presence publicly known vis-a-vis the sold-out Metal Assault Mixtape Volume 2, released in January of 2020 by Metal Assault Records. Their contribution to the limited-release cassette, ‘Burden of the Flesh,’ with its pulsing synths, pummeling riffs, frenetic blast beats and lush vocal harmonies, introduced a sound that demanded further attention. Their four-song demo later surfaced and to sate demand was made available digitally via Bandcamp for a limited time. But for those willing to wait comes ‘Salo.” The nine-song opus, available on CD, cassette and digital download from Pillars of Creation Records on June 19th, is a fully realized work from a band that cut no corners to achieve exactly what they set out to do: In short, redefine metal.