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30,752 monthly listeners tel. 793 699 555 Clödie is a rock band led by Klaudia "Clödie" Trzepizur, strong, hoarse and unusual voice, vocalist and frontwoman as well as band leader, composer and music producer Olaf Olszewski. The singer of the band is among others a participant of the 4th Edition of The Voice of Poland. Klaudia on stage is a volcano of energy. Her characteristic timbre, charisma and positive energy during live performances captivate the audience. The band's popularity began with the single "GO!" - fans' enthusiastic proposal submitted to the National Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Currently, the song has over 20 million views on YT. The band has recently become famous for it's acoustic version of the Zombie cover - The Creanberries, which was published in July 2018, and today has over 20 million views on YT and thousands of favorable comments from around the world. more ... ->