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Austin-based Britny Lobas is a femme-fatale rock, pop, & soul artist who is originally from Cleveland, Ohio – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Capital of the World. This powerhouse — known for her energetic, dynamic, and passionate live performances — explores the seductive side of rock while captivating and connecting deeply with her fans. With a ferocious vocal range, this she-wolf will demand your attention and keep it within her firm grasp. Brands that have been supportive of Britny Lobas throughout the years include SXSW, Clean Cause, Heart Of Texas Rock Festival, Pecan Street Festival, KGSR, and more. 
 “I got my first live glimpse of the attention-grabbing she-wolf… and holy shit does Lobas radiate rocker attitude. On stage, she’s dangerously seductive unleashing a ferocious vocal range that would make Christina turn her chair.” – Track Rambler, Austin Texas