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New album Pain and other pleasures out now! Vinyl version: https://onceuponawinter.bandcamp.com/album/pain-and-other-pleasures Once Upon A Winter is a solo Post-Rock/Blackgaze project from Thessaloniki, Greece, created by Ilias Kakanis. In 2017, the debut album Selective depression in chase of the Big Bang

was self released. One year later, in 2018, the second album .existence was released. This release marked a new beginning for Once Upon A Winter, signing a contract with the Finnish label Snow Wave Records. In 2018, the live line-up of Once Upon A Winter was assembled, consisting of: Ilias Kakanis - Guitars, Vocals Angelos Athanasiadis - Guitars Fotis Sitaras - Bass Konstantinos Noulas - Drums Nick Taras - Keyboards Since then, the band performed as a support act for God is An Astronaut in their hometown, Thessaloniki, as well as in other Greek cities.