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Lucette van den Berg, who had a successful operatic career, took an unexpected path in her musical journey when the language of her heritage pulled her in a more fulfilling direction. A composer, recording artist, teacher and classical singer sings exclusively in Yiddish, the language of her grandparents—and of her heart. Once she began to sing Yiddish music, Lucette discovered an important element in her personal and artistic identity that she now realizes, tells the whole story of her life. As part of a different generation, it has become Lucette’s calling to celebrate and share the passion she feels for her Jewish legacy and Yiddish language. A highly acclaimed singer, Lucette has performed her compelling style of Yiddish music throughout Europe and in the US. In 2005, she released her first album of Yiddish songs, Zing shtil / Yiddish Songs. Lucette’s latest CD (Benkshaft) was released in 2012. The album showcases a compelling blend of folk songs and art songs that resonate with Lucette’s expressive, personal interpretation. “I sing the colors that the music gives me,” notes Lucette, who draws on and imparts a sensory experience in her performance. As she sings, Lucette never loses sight of the power of the music to pull people together, and to “connect out” to listeners around the world.