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coldbrew is a multi-instrumentalist, visionary, and producer based in Oklahoma. 
 Having been featured on Sirius XM Chill, Chill Tracks, Bedtime Beats, Jazz Vibes, Road Trip To Tokyo, Varsity Bars, the bootleg boy, College Music, Chill Nation, nourish., STEEZYASFUCK, and Ambition just to name a few, coldbrew is on his way to becoming a household name in chill music. 
 Known for his nostalgic composition style, you can always expect to get a warm yet melancholic feeling when listening to a coldbrew release. Rather it's the virality of his song simple., the reminiscence of his debut album childhood, or the imagery filled late night drive album there is something for everyone within coldbrew's discography (mellow beats by coldbrew - coffee beats to study, chill, relax to). 
 "coldbrew perfectly captures the feeling of melancholy and hope" -