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Just as a moth is naturally drawn to a flame, Icarus Moth is drawn to sound, developing a love for the sonic experience as a young musician and learning to produce at age 12 on the outskirts of Denver, CO. The name Icarus Moth is an adept reflection of both that innate ear, so drawn to sound, and a human ambition to educate that ear. Creating with only the sky as his limit, Icarus Moth is forever drawn to the light, seeking out sounds and taking them to new heights. 
 Icarus Moth’s development of inventive soundscapes have ranged from the likes of jazz music, to country elements, to every kind of electronic music known currently. Using the desire for new sounds as his guide, he has created a world of works, including collaborations with prominent independent acts Mothica, MEMBA and Ehiorobo that have garnered more than 10 million streams on Spotify alone. He has swept listeners into a deep connective tissue of uncharted sound.
 With more to finally see the light in 2021, Icarus Moth hopes to not only provide a unique sonic experience, but help open the minds of listeners to a world of new possibilities and connect with what they find, so that they, too, can be drawn to light.