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Moments feel like little eternities to me. Whether in art or in life, we are caught in the terrific silence of those potent spaces. They are potholes, engagement rings, guitar hooks, diagnoses and punchlines. These little tears in time are what drive me in my creativity. Whether it’s writing a hook or mixing a song, my greatest success is found in creating a transcendent moment that the audience and I feel together. 
 I draw heavily from the likes of The Postal Service, David Bazan, and Manchester Orchestra; blending synthesizers with sweeping vocal textures and acoustic instruments in order to create a moment where the listener looks inward and finds closure. For me, music is the ultimate vehicle for connection and for healing. People do, after all, need some type of grounding as they make their way through the world. 
 Be on the lookout for my debut EP Stranger due out January 15th, 2021.