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Legendary adult mid tempo alternative rock band from Atlanta, GA. If music can serve as a release for its creator and listener alike, then Microwave’s new album is sonic catharsis incarnate. Death Is A Warm Blanket is an explosion of mental and physical frustration, channelled into ten dynamic tracks that show just how powerful, gut-wrenching--and fun--loud rock music can be when it’s this completely unbridled. Microwave revel in their newfound creative abandon, colliding post-hardcore aggression with ‘90s alternative sneer, and bleeding broodingly atmospheric verses into anthemic choruses. The band’s music has always shown hints of sharper edges, but Death Is A Warm Blanket takes those loud/quiet building blocks and twists them into a snarling mass of gigantic dynamic shifts and otherworldly heaviness. Lyrically Death Is A Warm Blanket explores mental isolation, physical incapacitation, a faded sense of community, and the unexpected freedom of having very little to lose. It’s a gleefully nihilistic album with its sights set on an end of the world that can’t help but feel ever-closer. While Death Is A Warm Blanket doesn’t have a light at the end of the tunnel, it does seem to find some semblance of acceptance even in harsh realities. Perhaps it’s that painful honesty at the center of Death Is A Warm Blanket that makes it so compelling--if the end is near, Microwave won’t be going quietly.