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In the fall of 2010, Clayton and I celebrated the release of our debut record “Hunker Down” with a performance at the now defunct Bar Matchless in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Little did we know that ten years later the phrase “hunker down” would achieve world-wide ubiquity due to a threat far more impactful than an awkward come-on from a randy flatmate. This year has been challenging (to say the least) as we faced a constant unique existential crisis. We have been thrust into war, and like drafted soldiers we learned hard lessons fast. Safety is paramount. But safety alone is soul-crushing without sanity, without laughter, without play, without pretend. Joy is essential to our survival and finding pleasure in the simple is a shrewd skill more in demand than ever. I made it a goal of mine this year that while I was serious about protecting myself and others from Covid-19, I would also take my playtime more seriously, that is, make time to connect with and continue cultivating my inner child. It sure makes hunkering down a lot more bearable. Thank you for listening to our music! Jeb Colwell