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Aka To Pereira,started mixing at the early age of 15 years old.Since then,he is involved from DJ to production. In 80s,Dj Vibe has been the 1st DJ to introduce for the 1st time the Electronic music in Portugal. In 95,British Muzik Magazine first edition named DJ Vibe and the Kremlin club “A Paradise Called Portugal".His excellent mixing ability and style playing a wide range of Dance Music with his set had made him unique 90s,he created “Underground Sound of Lisbon” production project with Rui Da Silva.They also created with Antonio Cunha the 1st Electronic label in Portugal KAOS RECORDS. USL had their smash hit “So Get Up” reach#1 in specialized charts around the World selling over 40.000 singles,and more than a million on compilations with Tribal America Records. USL single "Are you looking 4 me" introducing Celeda,bumped right into #35 at US "Billboard" Chart(March 1998)and won a position among the 75 singles of the year chosen by British Muzik Magazine in 2000.The single "The lights" was considered one of Miami's top10 tunes by British DJMag and British DJ Mixmag voted it single of the April edition.In 2004,Yoko Ono was #1 on the “Billboard” Dance Chart with the DJ Vibe’s remix “Everyman...Everywoman”. The DJMag Top100 Chart,DJ Vibe achieved the 40th place in the 2007 edition. In 2020,Vibe creates his alter ego ANTOS a new approach with new Universe,Indie,Deep Dance and Psychedelic style.The New Project starts with an Ep "Salve" on Do Not Sit On The Furniture Label.