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DEAF RAT opens the curtain on a sinister but tempting stage set from a dark musical with massive guitar riffs and strong melodies. This is the band that fills up the cracks in the ageing concrete between old school hard rock & modern rock n roll. Lead vocalist Frankie Rich and guitarists Pat Kramer and Max Lander spent the last seven years together touring Europe in minivans without air condition, sleeping on the floors of fans' apartments and sometimes even living in their recording studio to afford production costs for tours and album. DEAF RAT hails from Dalarna in Sweden, a small region with long traditions of mining, steel industry, music and a healthy dose of DIY attitude. To pay the rent between tours the band members have worked at a local theatre and a special effects company, something that sparked an interest in building props and effects for their live show. Also, a common childhood interest in blowing things up has found a natural outlet in some serious pyrotechnics. DEAF RAT is, in the truest sense of the word, one of Sweden's most explosive live acts. The many years of touring and studio experience have taught the band to harness that fire and transfer it to tape. DEAF RAT is Pat Kramer – Guitars & vocals Max Lander – Guitars & vocals Frankie Rich – Lead Vocals OFFICIAL ONLINE