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Pamela Méndez

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About this Artist

Posted By Pamela Méndez


The Bernese singer and artist Pamela Méndez spent the last years in various social activist groups. Hyperactive, she initiated new cultural projects. Their conclusion: since politics is private, all responsibility returns to the people. The question of how we will make our living together in the future is closely linked to the ability to tap into our creativity. Since we cannot know what to expect, habits must be re-examined. The focus is whether individuals will trust themselves to develop their own opinions and civil courage. New synapses must result. Creativity always involves risks.

Pamela's "World Of Nothing" evaluates the potential of these risks. Her debut EP is not a dystopia, rather a guide to new horizons. It is like a journey in which the heart is always growing a little. It’s painful but productive because it allows for emotional dimensions of great beauty. The fragmentary texts hover between social and personal levels, allowing space for the music to unfold. The result is an event. Through the tight integration of the text and arrangement, an intimate organic sound picture emerges, or as GRAMMY Award winner and producer David Odlum calls it: "3D music". Thus, this EP takes us on a journey to reflected, chilled out, scream and love, all while laughing and crying at the same time.

Pamela Méndez: Comp, Voc, E-Git

Nicolas Stocker: Drums

Adrien Guerne: Bass

Luzius Schuler: Synthesizer / Rhodes

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