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Instead of writing a long bio and making everything sound fancy, I thought I’d just write something personal from me to you. I've been doing music since I can remember. 
 I remember the days when my mom would make me practice the piano, damn, I hated it. But who would like to sit with a straight back for a few hours EVERY day? Lol. I still don't play too well, but I play enough so I can write music and share it with the world. Sometimes I even cry with it, and I’m so lucky to be able to share it with you! In the past few years I've done different projects and got the chance to play all across Lithuania’s biggest stages. You might have heard me singing with 'Lilas ir Innomine', in songs like "Karina", "Isversk man pasauli" and others. Also, some of you probably heard me in my duo project 'PAI X' which I created together with my life partner, producer and love Asi Yehuda. 
But here it's just me. 
 There’s so much I’ve been wanting to tell you and now it's finally happening. I welcome you to join me on my journey. Love, Evgenya ❤︎