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Sitting Duck is a Lofi/Chillhop project that has been brought into life in the end of 2019 and celebrated its first official releases in 2020. The little duck has quickly established itself among the big names of the genre, releasing songs at the style-defining Lofi Girl, Chillhop Music and many other Instrumental-HipHop oriented labels. Taking inspiration from various musical influences ranging from Jazz over Lounge to Indie, Sitting Duck´s name is synonymous with warm and meditative tunes that set a relaxed and mindful atmosphere, perfect to either let your mind fly, or to set the ambience for a deeply focussed work or study session. Placing the aspects of loving intention and community at the core of all its endeavors, Sitting Duck promotes the idea of coming together as one, rather than competing with each other. This approach shows in the way the duck integrated itself in the Lofi-scene, collaborating with an evergrowing circle of friends and likeminded musicians, contributing to the tightly knit web of artists who make up the core of the genre.