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Konstantin Derri, winner of the second prize at the

6th INTERNATIONAL SINGING COMPETITION FOR BAROQUE OPERA, PIETRO ANTONIO CESTI. Born in Kryvyi Rig (Ukraine), Konstantin began his musical career studying piano, graduating from Kryvyi Rig music college (Piano) in 2007. In 2009 Konstantin entered the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia (Valencia, Spain) under the tutelage of Professor Ana Luisa Chova and pianist Carles Budó. In 2014 he finished his Bachelor and Master degrees. prize) Opera performances: at the Festival della Valle d'Itria with Diego Fasolis. at the "Teatro Real" with Aarón Zapico, at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall of Moscow with Federico Sardelli, at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna with Marco Angius, at the opera theatre of Chemnitz, at the "40th Innsbruck Festival of Early Music" with Enrico Onofri, at the Hamburger Kammeroper, at the "Teatros del Canal, Madrid", at the "15 International Festival of Medieval and Baroque Music of Peñiscola" at the Odessa Opera Concert: at the "33th Sevil Festival of Early Music", at the Festival “La Quincena Musical” of San Sebastian, at the the "Zaragoza Festival of Early Music", at the Rheinsberg Kammeroper, the Palau de la Musica of Valencia and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia, “Hamburger Theaternacht” at the Hamburger Kammeroper, at the Theater of ESCM Madrid, Toccata en A, Madrid, Festival lviv MozArt in Lviv,