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"At once deeply nostalgic, deeply modern and deeply strange." -Rolling Stone // Over the past two decades, producer / composer / multi-instrumentalist Angel Marcloid has willed a vast ecosystem of music into existence at a rate that somehow seems to intensify as time goes on. The music of Marcloid’s flagship project Fire-Toolz sits as the bottomless pit in the center of the lush environment, drawing ideas and signifiers from all corners into its depths. In keeping with Fire-Toolz’s role as the outlet for Marcloid’s most overloaded and audacious compositional gambits, Eternal Home enters the catalog as the longest and most ambitious Fire-Toolz album to date. The tracks that Marcloid weaves into the mosaic composite of Eternal Home range from flights of ornate prog rock / jazz fusion shredding, to brief bursts of pent up energy with an almost grindcore ferocity in their shrieking vocals and pummeling blastbeats, to extended collages of fast-scrolling sound design, to songs that zero in on a style in the neighborhoods of emo and nu-metal that balance aggression with clear and affecting vocal melodies. Listening through Eternal Home can feel like floating through an endless ocean of data, finding some wreckage to hold onto in the surf for a moment in the form of a gorgeous melody, a lyrical turn of phrase with profound philosophical implications, or a tightly sculpted prog breakdown, before being swept off by the next round of scattering waves.