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INTRODUCING 'What could possibly go wrong' Tristan's 6th Studio Album (released April 2nd 2021) 
 The 6th chapter already in our quite productive recording existence. It's been only going up from when we first started out and we like to express that positive vibe into our music as well. 
 On this occasion of producing a brand new album, we tried to continue the code of keeping it a true and honest band-album. We recorded 14 Brand new songs, full of that good spicy energy. Therefore you could take this album title quite literally.... 
 But then again, put 5 distinct characters in a band bus traveling all over Europe and beyond, never know what will happen along the way;-) Usually lots of laughter and funny stories created by nature. Food for creative thoughts that often inspires our lyrics and titles. Every time we 'hop' into our transportation towards the next gig, it is almost certain a new adventure is about to enfold. Our reward of course is to entertain the people and fans on stage, but even see, we give it our all, and like to take risks within the music big time. The beauty of each and every concert being totally different and a challenge for us to fulfill. 
 Yea, what could póssibly go wrong? 
 We like that bold attitude!