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Nutrients is a Toronto band that plays gentle and jangly pop songs. The group is often compared to various 90's bands for their slacker delivery, but also likened to certain contemporary bedroom pop artists for their oddball pop leanings. Sometimes, but decreasingly so, they are noted for their occasional dissonant digressions. After releasing a series of homemade tapes from 2016 - 2018, the band entered the studio to record a collection of songs with Louie Short. Mixed by Lounge FM’s Adam Pauls, the self-titled, debut Nutrients album was released by Birmingham, Alabama independent label Earth Libraries in late 2019. "Nutrients" sees the band’s softly-sung, breezy guitar pop evolve into something more compositionally dynamic. The 9-song, 28-minute record is mostly carefree and casual, yet occasionally tightly-wound and unpredictable. Highlights include the shapeshifting lounge pop of Such Slime, the duelling guitars of Hide & Seek, the gentle saxophone turns of Suede, and the penultimate piano ballad Hyperbole. The band is currently preparing for a 2022 release of their second full length album. (bio by Lucy Fontaine) instagram: @_nutrients_