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Soft Set is a songwriting and music collaboration between James Gray and Nathan Athay, two life-long friends who became musical collaborators years after growing up together in Barrie and then Toronto, Ontario. Laced with dayglo dream-inspired sonic glee of 90s indie rock royalty such as shoegaze icons Ride, Soft Set's brand of melodic pop-rock is earnest and natural. Cloaked in the finest realm of nostalgic reverie, this debut single 'Never Die' is equally stunning and infectious. Soft Set's debut EP titled "Love and Dancing" out now! Collaborators: Written, Produced and Performed by Soft Set at E5 Studios Downtown (Toronto) Mixed at OX4 Sound Studios by Mark Gardener in Oxford, UK Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal QC Viola on “Ours for Us” provided by Madeleine Spence (recorded at E5 Downtown) Photos by Heidi Athay Press support: Shauna McLarnon at Shameless Promotion PR