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an excerpt of the summertime press release by Bernd Begemann 
 Gregor McEwan is relasing four EPs and each EP contains four songs about all four seasons. Spring and fall have already come and gone. Now it’s time for SUMMER, baby! The best season of all with everything in full bloom… You are pumping the brandnew Summer Breeze EP, you are moving to the beat and you are at the beach RIGHT NOW! 
 an excerpt of the autumn/fall press release by Jörkk Mechenbier 
 Gregor McEwan succeeds again and again in evoking great feelings of being wrapped in warm melodiousness, far away from the whiny clichés many others use to create such an atmosphere. Every song has its own drama and depth, each one blessed with a different perspective on Ups & Downs, Love & Hate and Dos & Don'ts. Written from a life lived with an open heart and even more open eyes. 
 an excerpt of the springtime press release by Linus Volkmann 
 You are just taken by the emotional depths of these songs. Gregor McEwan enhances them with this kind of varied sound aesthetic proves that this Berliner-by-choice is one of a kind. These are obscenely expertly performed songs, an essence. Maybe McEwan has never before presented his art with this kind of focus. These tunes are a sensation! All this adrenaline, this joy, this melancholy inundating the listener. This is what this kind of music should be about - and nothing else. Every time I listen to it I am exhausted. Thank you for that!