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I still remember the first time I heard “Theme from A Summer Place”. Odd song for a 13 year old boy to be drawn to…but I was mesmerized by it. “Moon River” is another song I was easily drawn into. These two songs remain among my top favorites. 
My first guitar, a nylon stringed Alvarez, arrived on my 16th birthday. I didn’t know I was interested in playing the guitar until I got one. 
From the beginning I have composed instrumental songs. Though there are a great many lyric based songs I like, I seem to gravitate naturally to the instrumental style. 
Music took on a truer meaning for me when I had opportunity to learn the healing affect it can have on people. Since then my desire has been that I what I do musically will have this aspect about it. 
I hope my music will enable you to escape the noise and enjoy some quiet moments. 
Michael Mucklow Fingerstyle