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With a resume of over 2,500 live shows, 14 studio albums, and 22 years together as a band, Umphrey’s McGee continues to build an organization that defies categorization. Attracting followers from across the globe and from different musical backgrounds, the band has devoted its craft to creating a community centered around meticulous attention to fan experience. At the cutting-edge of both music and technology, their live show offers immersive tech-fueled innovations, while both super-serving their core audience and welcoming new fans into the fold. The music itself defies categorization. Comprised of six critically acclaimed musicians - Brendan Bayliss [Guitar, vocals], Jake Cinninger [Guitar, vocals], Joel Cummins [Keyboard, piano, vocals], Andy Farag [Percussion], Kris Myers [Drums, vocals] and Ryan Stasik [Bass] – the group blends together multiple genres and sounds to make something uniquely Umphrey’s McGee.