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JUJ is a rising pop artist from Philadelphia creating music in LA. Making music for her restless generation, JUJ sings to kids from the projects to the burbs who feel trapped in their city and long to change to their world. She sings with the vocal passion of Lady Gaga, the drive of Demi Lovato, and writes with the youthful perspective of Khalid. 
 Her debut EP JUJ, It’s U (May ‘19) is a combination of Pop & R&B with melodies like Jon Bellion that reflects the swag and strength of the city she grew up in. The title is a nod to the Brazilian martial art of jiu-jitsu and the EP unfolds with a fighting spirit she hopes will inspire others. 
 “Mood” is a song about her journey to the West Coast but also highlights the mental strain many people experience while pursuing their dreams. JUJ partly attributes her strength and determination to her mother, a former dancer who emigrated from Brazil to the U.S. at age 18. “She grew up so poor and moved here with $100 in her pocket, without really speaking any English at all. That was a big inspiration for me.” 
 After accumulating hundreds of thousands of plays, JUJ breathed new life into “Mood” with Roc Nation recording artist Vic Mensa, who Jay Z describes as a “once in a lifetime artist.” The track is amplified by Vic’s passionate lyrics about leaving home young and surviving on the streets of Chicago. “His [Vic’s] verse reaffirmed that I’m not alone in chasing a dream bigger than me.”