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Inspired by the Greek word for hand, the name DuoKeira also echoes that of Chiron, the mythical centaur whose learning embraced both arts and sciences, reason and intuition. Michela Chiara Borghese and Sabrina De Carlo offer performances which joyously fuse strict discipline and openness to the synesthetic potential of music. Both passionate about chamber music, the two pianists are very different in temperament and by training. Michela brings to the partnership absolute precision, strong sound, unfailing stamina and rhythmic drive. Complementary to these are Sabrina’s melodic elegance, sense of timing and imaginative spacing, her unceasing quest for true quality of sound, and for deep bonds with their chosen composers. In more than ten years of activity, DuoKeira has performed in prestigious concert halls as well as in intimate locations in three different continents. In choosing and interpreting their repertoire, the duo has striven to renew the performance canons of chamber music while respecting the demands of the classical tradition. This emerges clearly in their first album, Giochi di piano a quattro mani, which features compositions from different periods linked by the common theme of game-playing. Recognition came during the 2010 IBLA Grand Prize World Music Competition, when DuoKeira was awarded the Most Distinguished Performance prize and special commendation for their execution of works by Samuel Barber and Darius Milhaud. Follow us on: www.duokeirapianoduo.com