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ASADI is a US producer artist known for his Persian Trap Music (PTM) and live performances. He modernizes melodies and rhythms from a diverse assemblage of Persian styles, producing them with his personal approach to the electronic, hip-hop, and trap genres. All of his music is performed completely live on his drum pad—if his hands are not moving, neither is his music. He plays two Persian instruments called the Tar and (Persian) Setar, often including them in his projects and concerts. ASADI’s passion for a strong performance foundation plays a monumental musical-visual role in his art to the finest detail. The north-star purpose is to sonically put the listener in a place he or she may not have thought existed, to bring nothing but bittersweet inspiration and positive energy, and to attract like minded people who see hope for truly extraordinary music in the electronic scene. PTM is and will always be ever-expanding.