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Music duo Gold Revere, Akash Gururaja and Ian Crumley, started making music in Ian’s basement in 2017 before making a major splash on the scene with their viral track “Goldfish Crackers.” What started as an experimental summer project in their hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa quickly gained traction thanks to the duo’s mix of hip hop and R&B influence, classical training in piano, violin, and vocals, a knack for staying on the pulse of social media trends, and Ian’s production acumen matched by Akash’s lyrical intuition. Both having grown up in diverse musical households - Ian’s mother a former opera singer, his father a professional drummer in a jazz band, while Akash was raised on Indian music and started piano lessons at age four and violin at age nine - Gold Revere boasts a deeply complex musicality. Their shared musical lexicon and approachable, goofy personalities make the duo an alluring anomaly. Intrigued by intricate song structure and genre fluidity, taking notes from acts like Tyler The Creator, Kanye West, and Jacob Collier, Gold Revere find their niche with an impressively unique sound. Now in their junior year of college, (Akash a neuroscience/pre-med major at Vanderbilt and Ian a mathematics major at Iowa State) Gold Revere looks forward to release new music after their highly acclaimed Lavender EP last December.