Conor Strachan


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    Out of the Stratosphere
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    Floating in Space
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British writer and producer Conor Strachan blends elements of Psychedelia and Alternative Rock into his own symphonic style, influenced by the conceptual productions of Brian Wilson, Alan Parsons Project, ELO, Pink Floyd.
Whilst performing vocal, guitars and keyboards Conor also uses a host of guest musicians to fill out his diverse arrangements. Sound design and soundscapes in-between tracks are also frequently used to contextualise his concepts from wild west standoffs to spaceship meltdowns.
Starting to produce on tape cassettes as a kid Conor learnt to use the recording medium as a song-writing tool, seeing it as a blank canvas to fill with sonic landscapes. After playing in several bands and touring Conor decided to retreat and focus on his first solo album ‘Mandelbrot Zoo’ recorded on a 16 track recorder and produced in his live-in studio squat above a bank in London. Recorded between 2012-2015 and left unreleased till 2019 ‘Mandelbrot Zoo’ is ambitious, raw, and experimental.
While upgrading his studio and gaining access to larger recording studios Conor set out to record his second album ‘The Earth & Beyond’. A concept album structured in a linear narrative, abstractly based upon the story of a Cosmonaut who finds true love before embarking on a one way mission into the unknown. With access to better recording equipment and a new found love of analog synthesizers the second album explores a spaceier sound which develops as the album progresses.


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