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They say pressure creates diamonds. Under the heat and tension, the truest artists are born. Long before Kiana Ledé emerged as a new kind of artist she underwent the kind of pressure that makes or breaks even the toughest among us. Born to a Mexican and Native American Self-raised mother, and an African American and Native American father, raised by the streets of Philly,

the Arizona native spent her early years with little to no money throughout her early years, developing a sense of identity that fuels her art to this day. Distracted at school, songs would play in her head as she spent countless hours honing her voice and learning guitar and piano. She moved to LA by herself and fought hard to keep that career going. Republic Records Co-Founder and Chief Executive Monte Lipman personally signed Kiana. Joining the roster, she released the 2018 debut EP, Selfless featuring her single “Ex”. “I hope people feel the vulnerability and truth in my music and see it as something strong, I hope they find self-awareness and self-worth in my music. I hope they hear my story and my struggles and find something to take away from it that makes them feel powerful.